Norka Health

Our mission is to reinvent fertility coverage.


Thinking about your fertility?

Do you want to create a successful path towards natural conception? Or perhaps you already know that you need assisted reproductive technology like IVF to conceive?

Do you want to preserve your fertility by freezing eggs or embryos?

Do you want to know how to find an egg donor, sperm donor, surrogate or an adoption agency?

While you focus on the rest of your busy life, let us help you plan your pathway to starting a family, whether it’s now or later, whether its traditional or modern.


Your fertility coach.

Active patient management. Work with our fertility experts to create a plan that works for you. Your coach will help you choose a clinic, navigate your treatment and even coach you on nutrition and stress management so that you achieve the best outcome.

Clinical oversight.

Stress free medical care. Not only are you paired with a coach, but you are also paired with a clinical expert such as a fertility nurse or fertility urologist to work with you on any medical treatment plan that may be part of your journey.

Inclusive coverage.

We are your employer’s partner. Whether you are a straight couple, a single parent, or LGBTQ+, we work with employers to make sure fertility benefits apply to all.


Do you want to have modern, competitive benefits?

Do you want to reduce employee churn and prevent productivity losses?

Do you want to reduce maternity healthcare costs, especially those associated with multiples, pre-term births, risky pregnancies and NICU?

Let us help your company roll out a cost-saving, retention-increasing plan… that you can actually afford.


No upfront costs.

Only pay when employees utilize fertility services. We don’t take a percentage of claims, which makes our incentives aligned with yours and your employees. We measure ourselves on the costs we save you annually as well as the rate of successful, singleton pregnancies.

Easy to get started.

Roll out off cycle. Offer your employees benefits and help right away - both on the clinical side as well as on Rx.

Track and predict.

Track engagement and predict health care costs. Our platform allows you to see the return on investment. We use low-cost, holistic strategies and active patient management to change outcomes.


Do you want to work with highly-engaged patients?

Do you want to increase patient satisfaction and word of mouth referrals?

Do you want to reduce patient stress and increase success rates?

We are your partner in managing your patient’s care.   


Improve clinic operations.

We step in when you can’t be there. We care deeply about the patient experience and will partner with you in ensuring the patient’s experience is extremely supported and stress-free.

Patient engagement software.

Integrated with your existing software. Get more data on each patient to understand the drivers of success.

Improved success rates.

Improve your clinic’s care over time. Data and increased patient support allows you to know what’s working and what’s not.