About us 


Our mission is to reinvent fertility coverage


Norka Health was born when our founder was frustrated at her lack of fertility coverage.

Our founder had no coverage at her previous employer and moreover, didn’t know where to begin. She delayed getting her hormones tested for several years. When she was tested, she was told that she had diminished ovarian reserve, which meant her clock was ticking faster than average. She wished she knew earlier. She wished she had budgeted for expensive treatments. She wished she had better benefits.

Ironically, as a manager at that same company, she also wished for better benefits, but for a different reason. A member of her team was suffering from infertility challenges, which affected productivity and the team’s progress. She wished that her company could find a solution.

Her employer looked to add fertility benefits, but as a small company, could not afford to pay for treatments out-of-pocket. Under their PEO, there was no coverage. Her employer wanted to help employees, but couldn’t find a solution.

And so, Norka Health was born.


Norka means “burrow” or a “home” in Russian. Marianna is originally from Ukraine and deeply values the concept of family, as it was because of family that she was able to immigrate to the US. To build a family is to build a home.


Our team consists of fertility industry experts, nurses, patient advocates and doctors. We are also a team of software, insurance, healthcare and employer benefits experts and leaders.

We can’t wait to make a big change happen and increase coverage for all Americans - men and women. And not just for the 1%.