Why should I provide fertility benefits?

LOWERED MATERNITY COSTS: realize savings of up to 10% off of your overall healthcare costs. Identify high-risk pregnancies. Don’t let your employees make trade-offs between costs and their health.

INCREASE LOYALTY & REDUCE CHURN: between 50 - 70% of employees would switch jobs for better fertility benefits, meanwhile over 90% report feeling more loyal to companies that offer fertility benefits. Over 80% of women and over 70% of millennials would change jobs for benefits.

DON’T LOSE YOUR EMPLOYEES TO STRESS & DISTRACTION: over 60% report that infertility is more stressful than divorce. Patients admit that when undergoing family planning, it is an all-consuming process and the only thing on their mind. If you already provide some benefit but it does not cover average costs or subsequent costs, you haven’t actually affected your employee risks.

Top companies in every industry offer inclusive & generous benefits. Shouldn’t you?


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